Packing Handling Transporting Ltd., a pioneer in Israel transporting liquid in isotanks, was founded in 1975 by Avinoam Dvir, of blessed memory.
Avinoam's professionalism, experience and knowledge in the fields of land and sea transport put him in the forefront, giving him and the company's customers a definite advantage. Today Packing Handling Transporting is managed by Omer Dvir, Avinoam's son and successor.

Packing Handling Transporting deals in the handling and transport of liquids, gases and other raw materials in ISO tanks. The company provides services to industrial companies and customers across Israel, satisfied customers who continue returning and making use of the professional services provided.
Fields of Operations
   •    ISO Tanks – Fitting tanks to cargo specifications (hazardous
         materials for the chemical industry, products for the food industry,
   •    Transport in Flexitanks – Disposable, flexible huge bags for
         transporting non-hazardous liquids
   •    Marketing Air Bags / Dunnage Bags – Inflatable paper bags for
        cargo protection in containers
   •    Marketing Safety Sheets – Sheets for cargo protection in
        containers, for freight protection as well as to prevent moving
        during sea transport
   •    Bulk Transportation in Liners – Huge, disposable bags, the size
        of the container, for dry bulk transport of products such as
        powders, granulates, etc.
   •    Pallet Packing Machinery – MSK Germany machinery, mainly for
        stretch packing, shrink packing, etc.
   •   Truckfill Software from Cape Systems - Unique load planning
        software for efficient use of container space
 Packing Handling Transport deals in the handling and transport of liquids
Packing Handling Transporting represents companies such as Eurotainer, Stolt Tank Containers and other world leaders in the field of liquid transport. The company is committed to providing professional, reliable and personal service to each and every customer from starting point to destination.
We will be happy to be of service.
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